111 Skin

111 Skin: Anti Blemish Bio Cellulose Facial Mask

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The Anti-Blemish Mask is a two-part, multi-formula mask soothes angry and inflamed skin. It is formulated to regulate the skin’s microbiome to assist with cellular recovery – crucial for its health. This innovative mask is zone-specific; The upper mask treats diet, hair product, and perspiration related spots, minimizing sebum that supports bad bacteria. The lower part concentrates on calming severe inflammation and irritation caused by hormonal acne.

Application Tips

After cleansing, separate each section from the protective film and apply it to the face. Enjoy for 20 minutes


MICROALGAE: rebalances and conditions the skin, reducing inflammation, and helping the skin clear up

A PROPRIATORY BOTANIC BLEND: of alpine flowers and sub-tropical plants
helps to reduce redness, regulate sebum and inhibit oil production

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