Lash Lift Toronto

Im sure you have you heard of a #LashLift & Tint- if not let me introduce you to the new minimalistic beauty trend.

A Lash Lift is performed by lifting the natural eyelashes from the roots up creating a perfect curl, allowing them to appear more defined and voluminous. If your lashes are blonde or lighter than you wish a lash lift is often combined with a tint to darken the colour of your lashes and add depth. Please note the tint only darkens the colour, and does not add any thickness or length.

The lift will last 4-6 weeks and tint 2-3 weeks. It is very low maintenance, after 24hours treat them just like your everyday lashes.

There are two Lash Lift Options Available. Lash Lifts should be scheduled 8-10 weeks apart in order to give lashes time to grow.

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