HONESTLY: De-Puffing Sticks


HONESTLY DePuffing Tools are made to calm inflamed skin and sooth any puffiness. Proven to regulate blood circulation of your face, tighten and firm skin, and aid in allergy relief. The cooling sensation calms inflamed skin on contact, helps tighten pores, promotes lymphatic drainage and boosts blood circulation for a lit-from-within glow!

Pop them in the freezer for added de-puffing benefit around your eyes and face. 

How To Use

Designed to reduce puffiness and encourage a lifted look, this routine is best done over a mask, serum or cream to encourage product penetration while massaging the epidermis, fascia and subcutaneous tissue.

Step 1: Jawline 5X

Lets reduce puffiness and encourage a lifted look. Start from underneath the chin and gently glide the tools underneath the jawbone in a sweeping motion towards the ears. 

Step 2: Cheekbones 5X

Starting from the sides of the nose, glide the tools underneath your cheeks and sweep upwards to the top of the ears. Remember to gently follow the contours of your face. 

Step 3: Eyes 5X

Gently place the tools underneath your eyes close to the inner corners. Hold in place for a few seconds before sweeping updwards towards your temple. Hold for a few seconds and repeat.  

Perform the same motion on your eyebrows. 

Step 4: Forehead 5X

Starting from the centre of your forehead, work the tools upwards towards the hairline. Be sure to gently lift just below the eyebrow for a more lifted appearance. 

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