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Acne Scaring


A smooth, glowing complexion is goals & having flaky skin on your face does not make things any easier—just ask anyone whose experienced foundation clinging onto dry patches (the worst). Exfoliation is great but over-exfoliation and using the wrong cleanser for your skin type can actually dry you out even more. , there are some things that exacerbate dry skin on the face.

We know tackling parched skin can often feel like an uphill battle, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Professional in studio treatments are honestly a huge part of a healthy skincare routine. Mild resurfacing treatments or the ever so popular dermaplaning offered in our Toronto studio, are great options, even for the most sensitive skin types.

ALLANA DAVIS STUDIO in Toronto also offers pregnancy & breast feeding safe skincare alternatives in Toronto.

Tip 1: Be sure you use a cleanser that will remove traces of pore-clogging dirt.
Tip 2: Chemical exfoliation not only help with dry & flakey skin texture, they also help tighten, tone & brighten the complexion while minimizing the appearance of age spots, blemishes, fine lines & mild-to-moderate scarring. (Best of all our in studio chemical peels include treating your hands)
Tip 3: Physical Exfoliants are great for daily or weekly use on maintaining polished skin at home.
Tip 4: Layer your skincare, thinnest to thickest. Layering your moisturizer over deeply penetrating serums are the best way to help heal & hydrate your skin.

Let's further discuss a curated skincare treatment plan made just for you. Contact us today.  

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