With so many skin care options and routines available on the market finding the right products that will actually make a difference in your skins tone and texture can be a bit confusing. 

The honest truth is investing in good skin care can be expensive. However, the return in how you look and feel about your skin is worth it; not to mention longer lasting results. 

So why choose medical grade skincare?

o Medical grade skincare is backed by clinical research. In Canada Health Canada Approved.

o Medical grade skincare products target the deeper skin layers (we like this 😀) Oppose to sitting on the skins surface like many over the counter products do. This is vital for making significant changes to the skin. 

o Retinoids AKA Vitamin A is the gold standard when it comes to skincare. Over the counter Retinols generally are a lower percentage and therefore either are not adequate to make a difference to the surface of the skin or take longer to achieve it. For example, ZO Skin Health Retinols come in a medical-grade 0.5% or 1% formulation.

o The medical skincare range offered by Allana Davis Studio are designed to treat an array of skin conditions whether it be acne, aging, hyperpigmentation, rosacee or sun damage. 

o Due to enhanced delivery systems medical grade skin care produces results which are faster acting and longer-lasting

o Medical grade skincare is licensed to use much higher concentrations of active ingredients, so you only need to use a very small amount of product and why they last much longer

For more information on any of the lines we carry or to book a consultation to begin or add to your skincare routine contact us today. 

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