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DMK: Acu-Créme

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Acu Créme works to regulate cell turnover and to purify and decongest the skin while the formulation's natural oils keep it nourished and moisturized. With antibacterial ingredients such as avocado oil and sunflower oil, it helps to protect and clear skin that is congested and prone to breakouts. It can also prevent irritation and infection caused by ingrown hairs. Designed with a rich mix of vitamins, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and nutrients, Acu Créme works to improve the appearance of the skin and its pores. Additionally, it supports skin rejuvenation and revises damaged skin and is suitable to use to treat eczema and psoriasis. 50ml 

* All DMK products can only be prescribed by a DMK Skin Revision Technician

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Application Tips

Apply to cleansed skin


• Acne 
• Inflammation & pigmentation
• Congestion

Key Ingredients:

• Avocado Oil 
• Cod Liver Oil (Gadi Lecur Oil)
• Sunflower Oil

DMK: Acu-Créme
DMK: Acu-Créme Sale price$0.00